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Mobile Diary. Provide an iPhone® app that allows users to collect information at regular intervals and/or during specific events.

The diary allows users to systematically document their experiences over time in an easy, efficient, and accurate way. Users can make two types of entries: event-contingent (entry is made when an event occurs, such as a pain episode) or time-contingent (entry is made at a fixed interval, such as once per day). Decide what you want users to keep track of and we will advise alongside the process and take care of the programming. The use of the diary helps the users to gain a better understanding of their experiences and guides them—and their health care providers—to make better decisions for care.

The app’s main features include:

  • Compatible with iPhone® and iPod touch®
  • Questions and responses can be tailored to each user based on their previous responses and/or preferences.
  • Alarms and reminders can be added to foster compliance.
  • Graphical reports help identify trends and relationships in the data entered.
  • Stores all information on a centralized web server, providing you with real-time access to data.
  • You can create and close accounts, limiting the app’s usage to those in the study.