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Online Learning. Allow users to acquire relevant knowledge and skills by reading and interacting with online multimedia materials.

These programs are intended to enhance self care for everyone, irrespective of time and place, by expanding the reach of relevant therapeutic resources through the Internet. The user has access from their computer or iPhone® to a self-management education program created by the researcher. The user is encouraged to go through and engage in different self-paced training sessions to get the most out of this program.

The main features include:

  • Provide tailored content to meet users’ needs by using content matching strategies.
  • The content is organized into sessions and the user is guided to follow them sequentially.
  • Your website content (text, images, audios, videos) can be added and updated without any technical knowledge.
  • Interactive practice tasks with automatic feedback can be created without technical knowledge and inserted anywhere within the content. Previously-entered responses can be viewed by the user in the future.
  • Simple progress bars provide at-a-glance feedback to the user about their current progress.
  • A brief summary of the main lessons learned throughout the program can be built and displayed at anytime as the user goes through the program.