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About Us. We are a group of scientists, technologists, and clinicians using technology to help people change their health behaviours.

Connec is part of the Centre for Research in Family Health located at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Recognizing the interest in online studies and that technical challenges often prevent these, we provide consulting services and custom software that enables researchers to conduct their studies online.

Our software platform is an outcome of the WHI study (details at right), where each module was purpose-built and demonstrated to be secure, reliable, and effective within a health research environment. Applying this proven technology and our expertise to new research projects allows us to provide customized solutions that enable researchers to conduct their studies more quickly and with less risk.

The WHI Study

The Wireless Headache Intervention (WHI) is an online intervention program which helps headache sufferers to better understand and cope with their headaches. It includes a diary to increase awareness of headache patterns, a self-management program to teach prevention strategies, and a social network where participants can discuss their experiences.


Dr. Patrick McGrath


Dr. McGrath is Vice President-Research at the IWK Health Centre and Professor of Psychology, Pediatrics and Psychiatry at Dalhousie University. He is a leading researcher on pediatric pain and the use of distance treatment to increase access to psychosocial health care. He has received numerous awards and his research has been recognized by appointment to the Order of Canada and election to the Royal Society of Canada and the Academy of Health Sciences of Canada.

Dr. Anna Huguet

Senior Scientist

Dr. Huguet graduated with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is now a postdoctoral fellow at the IWK Health Centre. As a researcher, she has an interest in the advancement of information and communication technologies in the health-care delivery sector. She has participated in several projects which developed and tested smartphone and web-based applications to provide psychosocial support to young people suffering from chronic pain conditions in order to reduce pain and prevent further complications.

Mike Wheaton

Chief Technologist

Mr. Wheaton is a graduate of NAIT and is nearing completion of Dalhousie's Bachelor of Informatics program, specializing in human factors and software design. He has been involved in the design and development of all Connec modules and is responsible for the technical planning, custom development, and deployment of our clients' studies.

Adam Cummins

Administrative Manager